The Definitive Guide to Flugel Horn Mouthpieces- Part 1

Earlier, one of our readers commented…..”Interesting article (The Definitive Guide to Trumpet Mouthpieces). You said you would address Flugelhorn mouthpieces, but where? That’s the information I seek! Where do I find that knowledge”?

So, even though a little behind in schedule, here is Part 1 in our series. The best explaination I have found for our first post is from our friends at Mouthpiece Express and this is where we will begin.

From Mouthpiece

Guide to Flugelhorn Tapers

Confused about tapers? We used to be, too! Here’s the scoop on flugelhorn mouthpiece tapers. If you are using the wrong taper, you may be experiencing poor intonation and response!

LARGE Morse taper

Commonly known as Standard Taper. Fits all Yamaha, Getzen, Callet, Stomvi, Benge, King, Blessing, Conn Vintage One, Weril, Holton, Schilke, older Kanstul 1525 flugelhorns, Austin Custom flugelhorns, Allure, Jupiter, and most other American flugelhorns except Bach.

SMALL Morse taper

The so-called Bach Taper. Fits Bach, Courtois, CarolBrass, LeBlanc (including Sandoval), B&S, Taylor, RS Berkeley, and some other European brands, plus Kanstul models 725, 1025, and newer 1525.

FRENCH (straight) taper

Also known as Couesnon Taper. The French taper is used by original Couesnons, Flip Oakes “Wild Thing,” Kanstul CCF 925, and original F. Besson flugelhorns.

Important Note: Using the wrong mouthpiece shank/taper will slightly affect some and greatly affect other instruments intonation as well as slotting and just the all around play-ability of the instrument. In short the wrong mouthpiece shank/taper can make a great horn a dog. Or you may find the dog Flugel you have only needed the correct mouthpiece to play great.

Please note! Not all manufacturers make all three tapers, and some manufacturers treat certain tapers as special or custom orders.

Flugelhorns can be confusing. This list has been put together to the best of our knowledge. If in doubt, ask us before you order! We’ll do our best to find out for sure.

Featured Product:

Marcinkiewicz ProLine

Designed for the player whose needs are not met elsewhere, these mouthpieces affords enhanced projection, even timbre from ppp to fff, and the same great intonation throughout all registers that Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces are famous for.

ProLine Concert Hall mouthpieces

… have a unique exterior design that offers optimal nodal enhancement by placing integral vibration dampers in specific, calculated areas. The net result is a mouthpiece that gives an extremely stable center of pitch, allows unprecedented dynamic levels without distortion and provides a rich, dark symphonic sound without the additional mass of a conventional heavy wall mouthpiece.

Flugelhorn Mouthpieces From Curry Mouthpieces

Flugelhorn mouthpieces are available for every rim size available. They balance well and produce a velvety, clean sound. Three cup depths: FL is a standard-style deep flugel (.750″ deep) cup #18 (4.31mm) bore suitable for most work; FLM is a medium-shallow flugel (.625″ deep) cup #22 (3.99mm) bore for those that desire a shallower cup; FLD cup is my deepest cup (.875″ deep) #15 (4.58mm) bore that offers the richest, darkest sound of the Curry line and is the next logical step to the deepest flugelhorn cups on the market-Flip Oakes StandardWT flugel mouthpieces (1.00″ deep, #13 bore) and his new (2010) Extreme Flugel Cup (1.25″ deep .25″ bore). These are only available through
Please see Mouthpiece Overlays page for a Flugel cup comparison.

Please note: ALL 600 Series rims are available with corresponding FLM, FL, and FLD cups.
Proper fitting of a flugelhorn mouthpiece is more important than most players think. Please be sure to choose the correct shank style when ordering.

Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Taper Information

There are three commonly used flugelhorn tapers, with a fourth (German), being less common.
• Standard, or Yamaha taper: fits Yamaha, Getzen, Callet, Benge/King/Conn, Weril, Holton and older Kanstul 1525 fluglehorns and other “American” flugelhorns except Bach.
• Bach taper: Fits Bach, Olds, Courtois, LeBlanc (including Sandoval), B&S, and some other European brands, and Kanstul models 725, 1025, & 1525.
• Couesnon, or French Taper: Fits Couesnon, some other European brands, Flip Oakes “Wild Thing,” Kanstul CCF 925, and original F. Besson flugelhorns. Couesnon taper is sometimes referred to as French taper. Not really a taper at all, but a 10mm (.393″ diameter) straight shank with a locking taper about an inch up the shank to securely lock the mouthpiece in the non-tapered French leadpipe receiver. This is not to be confused with the:
• German 10mm taper: This is a tapered shank starting at 10mm (.393″). This has been used with some Miraphone flugels and is the “large shank” option with the CarolBrass flugels. Stock mouthpieces shipped with these horns resemble a slightly shorter trumpet mouthpiece that will not fit any other flugel horn. Available by special order only, Curry flugelhorn mouthpieces with the German shank will be the standard Curry Flugelhorn length of 2.625″.

GR Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

Silky smooth sound that is easily colored, precise crisp attacks, easy upper register, outstanding intonation.
GR Flugelhorn Mouthpieces feature all of these playing characteristics, plus rims identical to their trumpet mouthpiece counterparts for seamless horn changes!

FL Mouthpiece Models

• GR Flugelhorn Mouthpieces are available with any GR Standard rim and cup diameter.

• GR FL Model Flugelhorn Mouthpieces are ideal for most flugelhorn models.
• They offer a fat velvety tone, outstanding intonation, and an amazingly efficient upper register.

• GR Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Backbores are balanced with each cup volume to produce a characteristic flugel sound with precise intonation.

• GR Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Cups are designed to produce a full velvet like sound that can easily be colored.
• These mouthpieces feature outstanding intonation, common to all GR Mouthpieces, and a very easy upper register.
FL*** Mouthpiece Models

• Similar to the FL models but with 10% more cup volume!
• If you are looking for the playability of the FL, along with an easy upper register but you want a more velvety sound, the FL*** Models are what you seek.
• These models may not play quite as accurately as the standard FL Models but you will be able to color your sound and attacks more easily.
• Want big? This is it!!
Compare the FL cup to the FL***

FD Mouthpiece Models

• The GR FD Model mouthpieces are a hybrid design for use on most trumpets and more resistant flugelhorns.
• They offer a rich “Chet Baker-ish” sound and can also be used in place of a flugelhorn in most situations!
• The hybrid GR shank will match perfectly to most trumpet receivers and is specifically designed for some flugels.

FD Mouthpieces for Flugelhorn

• The FD Trumpet/Flugelhorn Mouthpiece design is a unique new concept to improve the match for certain makes of flugelhorns.
• The FD design has a shorter overall length, a larger throat bore, more open throat entrance, unique new backbore, and new shank design.
• This design is a perfect match for the Conn Vintage One flugelhorn.
• This shank may not engage into some flugels as far as the FL Mouthpieces.

“The GR FD is one of my favourite “go to” mouthpieces for very soft exposed passages. It blends well with strings and is very forgiving to play. It works well for small intimate group settings. In many cases I will use it in place of my flugelhorn. It would also be a nice choice for certain Brass Quintet pieces. (I also call it my career saver.)”
Wayne Bergeron

Bruce was a member of the faculty at the University of Northern Iowa, School of Music in Cedar Falls from 1969 until his retirement in 1999. He has performed with many well-known entertainers such as Bob Hope, Jim Nabors, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Anita Bryant, Carman Cavalara, Victor Borgie, the Four Freshman, Blackstone the Magician, Bobby Vinton and John Davidson.