Starting Over…..again. Part 5

VB70G. Sound Blankets Producers Choice* did as advertised”.

After a simple installation of 5 heavy duty hooks, all I had to do was hang the blanket over the window. After checking the sound level at the curb, in front of our home, we decided that the amount of transferred trumpet sound had been reduced by 90% which I feel is adequate for my taste as well as my neighbors. This sound blanket comes with one side white in color and the other black which worked for me very well. The Texas Summer sun will be warming the front of our house and the lighter color will help to reflect a little of the heat.

An interesting discovery was that not only did the trumpet sound lessen but also lessoned was the traffic noise from outside which will help when I’m recording.

As we continued to cruise our property lines, both my wife and I agreed that now most of the sound was coming from the exterior walls to the side in my room. Now that the windows have been quieted, it is now time to soften the sound being transmitted through the side walls.

One solution to this new condition would be to purchase two more blankets to cover these walls as well, but due to the cost of such an investment, I have decided to go another route. Check back and in our next post for we will continue to reduce the sound level from my room to what I hope is a 5% transfer level.

*VB70G. Sound Blankets Producers Choice- White-Black. Size 72×80 with Grommets. Single.
Subtotal $34.87
Shipping FedEx Ground Home Delivery: $20.56
FedEx Express Saver: $38.88
FedEx 2Day: $52.26
FedEx Standard Overnight: $61.35
Tax $0.00
Total $55.43

Starting Over…..again. Part 4

While still continuing to find a workable solution to my noise problem in our new house, it dawned on me to search the internet for remedies. Within seconds I had many suggestions as to how to deaden the sound transfer traveling through my large front windows. These choices ranged from foam to cotton, from fiberglass to cardboard and as I deciphered each claim, I narrowed my choices down to one constant fact; cotton seemed to be the best at deadening my sound. Before I shelled out an exorbitant amount of currency, I first had to be convinced that a cotton batting would fill my needs, so out came an old, heavy bedspread still being stored in one of our many moving boxes.

Within a few minutes, the bedspread was tacked to the upper molding around the window and my wife was again in our front yard checking the amount of sound transfer. To my delight, the cotton bedspread had in fact, lowered the amount of sound transferred through the window. With that information, I returned the internet to find the best cotton blanket I could afford. My choice was determined on silencing ability, materials used and customer evaluations of each product. I finally decided on a VB70G. Sound Blankets Producers Choice– White-Black. Size 72×80 with Grommets. Out came my check book and off went my money.

Our next post will evaluate my decision.

Starting Over…..again. Part 3

We succeeded with the practice mute in lowering the dbs. transferred to the outside of my house. Unfortunately, I hate playing with one stuck in my bell so we must move on to another alternative.

One highly recommended piece of equipment is the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth which isolates your sound using a wrap-around partition with acoustical foam. After studying this product, I thought that I might be able to improve on the original design and out came some of the moving boxes currently lying around my garage floor.

After about an hour, I was able to construct what I thought might be a way to cut down on the volume produced during my practicing. Sound absorbent foam placed strategically within a box, surrounded by a yet large box seemed to me to be the solution, but after repeatedly sending my wife outside my window while playing, it was decided that my perfect solution fell miserably short of it intended goal.

My design was so bad, that my wife could not tell the difference between open horn and “boxed in” horn. DARN!

The next night was spent on line searching for alternative ways to reduce my noise level and in my next post; I will share with you still another brain storm of mine as we continue our search for the perfect sound deadening solution.

Starting Over…..again. Part 2

The problem I am currently facing is that the room I am now practicing in does not contain the noise (volume) at which I practice.

As mentioned in our first post on this subject, the large windows are wonderful for viewing my front yard but fall far short for containing my practicing which became evident from a comment my new neighbor made when we first moved in.

My first thought was to rummage through our still packed boxes to find my practice mutes. Nothing does more for reducing the sound in a small room than a good practice mute. And nothing does more for ruining your attempts at a big sound!

For most of the week I have diligently practiced with that #*#%$@! practice mute sticking out of my bell and as you can see from the photo, even our Yorkshire terrier seems to enjoy the adjustment to my volume. Everyone seems to enjoys the almost silent sounds; almost everyone. I hate it! Trumpet players work most of their lives for just the right sound and now in my declining years, I am forced to compromise my ultimate goal in order to fit into my new community. LIFE IS NOT FARE!

I have tried and owned several practice mutes and the Yamaha Sound System mute is still my favorite so the volume has been successfully lowered but the ultimate sound sucks. As I continued this week to blow my ears out, fighting the tremendous back pressure created by the mute, I began to envision other ways to get the volume under control and at the same time reduce the resistance and increase the tone.

I have begun to design an alternative to the practice mute and as I get closer to the finished product, I will keep you informed.

No product can truly be developed without scientific proof of success and for that reason; I will be measuring my volume inside the room as well as the volume outside in my front yard.

Stay tuned folks for my continued search for the best way to lesson my volume without losing your mind.

Starting Over….again.

Now that my wife and I have finally opened and disposed of 90% of the moving boxes we escorted from Branson, Missouri to Denton, Texas, I found it necessary to begin practicing again after a three week hiatus. My enthusiasm was peaking and my chops were failing me the first day but I persevered. The next day, while visiting with our very nice neighbors I realized that everyone in the neighborhood enjoyed my first practice session!

My music room in Branson was designed to fill all of my playing and recording needs which included sound dampening, acoustical modifications and neighbors who were only there about one week every two months.

My office and practice room now is about one-third the size and my wall facing the street has two large, sound transmitting windows!

So, as I sit here watching my neighbors pedaling their custom bicycles past my front yard, I am faced with the realization that in order to be identified as a “good neighbor”, I have to tone down my office or start learning to play a flute and due to the fact that I played flute and found it moderately interesting, I decided to do a series of posts which follow my adventure of volume and acoustical adjustments to our new home.

In the past, several of our readers have asked questions about how they can practice in limited areas such as apartments and similar close quarters and for that reason I thought it might be of some value to report on my progress in my new abode.

Check back in a couple days to see if I have made any improvement or will I be relegated to a neighboring cow pasture to practice my Clarke technical Studies.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

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