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For the past year, we have been compiling important information to share with our readers and students which will answer many questions they might have about playing the trumpet.

For almost six decades I have been performing and teaching trumpet and now I have made available an easy and productive series of video lessons compiled for trumpet players of all ages and all levels of performance.

Because of my continued involvement in teaching trumpet I have come across an enormous amount of questions and solutions to problems facing musicians today.

This series of video lessons encompasses more than 40 individual topics every trumpet player should know, including-

· The Importance of warming up and cooling down

· How to make easy and inexpensive alterations to your instrument to improve its performance

· Improve your high range through chromatic exercises

· The easy way to play shakes and falls

· How to improve the intonation of your instrument

· The proper way to clean your trumpet

· How to balance your practice time with difficult performances

· How to breath properly

· What are the best trumpet cases and why

· Learn how to control your nervousness when performing

· How to apply the “Play/Rest” concept to increase your endurance

· Learn exercises to improve your valve speed and control

· Learn how to improvise through several methods
· Increase your lip flexibility

· The importance of marking your music properly

· How to find the proper mouthpiece placement

· Learn the importance of playing pedal tones

· Recognize and correct excessive mouthpiece pressure

· How to properly prepare a solo

· Learn how to improve your sight reading

And these are not even half of the topics covered in this video series.

Now you can learn many of the secrets to playing trumpet which have been passed on to me from my teachers as well as new and advanced ideas such as-

· Learn an easy way to play low D and C# in tune without moving your valve slides

· How to use technology to improve your trumpet playing

· Learn how to choose the best music school to attend for learning your instrument

· What you need to know when playing in an orchestra or show

Along with videos, there are additional exercises and accompanying audio recordings which will help you learn your material faster and easier than you thought possible. Each recording is produced using my “Rest as much as you play” concept which will change the way you practice. The speed of your improvement will surprise you and you will begin to learn how to practice more efficiently and experience fewer lip problems.

If you are searching for a better way to learn your instrument which will take less time from your schedule and improve your trumpet playing at a fast rate, this is the solution to your needs.

50% discount through December 31st of this year!
Use code “earlybird” when registering for this discount.


“This could be the changing point in your trumpet playing”.

Famous Solos for Young and Comeback Players

Many times we would like to practice famous solos which we knew at one time or would like to learn but because of our limited strength and upper range, they are beyond our current ability. If you have the desire to play some of these beautiful solos, you are in luck. I will be adding to this series as time passes and I’m sure you will find some materials which will suit your current ability. Most of these solos will be lowered a third and in some cases a fourth to place the range within everyone’s ability. If you have a favorite you would like to have included, just drop me a line and I will try to make it available to you. The first in our series will be the Hallelujah Chorus and The Trumpet Shall Sound from Handel’s Messiah. The original is in the key of D concert as was the custom. I have lowered it to the key of C for the Bb trumpet.

The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah

Dounload here- Hallelujah Chorus

The Trumpet Shall Sound from Handel’s Messiah

Download here- The Trumpet Shall Sound

It Could Only Happen To A Musician- Jim Nabors, Horses and a Mustang

The Jim Nabors Show

Jim Nabor shows are seldom known for mishaps and to be in the middle of one can be very entertaining. I was present at one such show and I will try to set it up as accurately as possible.

Jim Nabors was in the middle of one of his slow dreamy ballads as the lights dimmed and his almost operatic voice floated through the arena. If you have not had the pleasure of hearing his real singing talents, you have missed a great experience. Once he has dropped his Gomer Pyle image and character, he is capable of melting the heart of even the most stone hearted female in the room. That was exactly the setting that night at this show. The rhythm section began his introduction and we all settled in for a beautiful ballade. Then it happened….

One of the trombone players slid his chair slightly back and the rear two legs slipped off the stage. As he tried to catch his balance, his foot shot out and sent his straight mute shooting into the back of one of the sax players which startled the  player enough to cause him to shout very loudly, “WHAT THE..? That would have been enough to disrupt the show but it didn’t stop there. As the falling trombone player tried feverously to regain his balance, the player next to him reached over and grabbed him by his extended leg. At that point, the light man decided to make the situation even worse by swinging the follow spot over to illuminate the confusion in our trombone section. Most of the audience was unaware of the confusion when suddenly out of the arena came an unmistakable sound of Gomer Pyle over the sound system, “Golly”, which was one of his signature comments every week on the Andy Griffith Show. That one word brought the house down and was one of the funniest scenes you could ever imagine. What the audience saw that evening was one musician laying back on a collapsed chair with both his feet in the air, and the man next to him holding on to one of his outstretch legs with two trombones pointing in opposite directions. Finish that off with Jim Nabors scratching the top of his head in a typical Gomer Pyle slumped position repeating “Golly”.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Mounted Police Show

We are all familiar with the wonderful entertainment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police equestrian shows and I had the pleasure of playing one in Dallas, Texas many years ago. The band was good and their director was a wonderful gentleman. At least until our lead trumpet player arrived in a very inebriated state. The lead player had played a job many miles away and had kept himself awake during the return drive back to Dallas by indulging in alcoholic beverages to an extreme. It was obvious at once that he could not play lead that day so the other trumpet player and I agreed to split the lead part in the show. Now what do we do with happy boy?

We knew that the former lead player needed the work and we didn’t want him to be fired so we did the only thing we could do to save his reputation. First we took away his mouthpiece for there might be a slim chance he might try to play a note. Then we explained to the director that we would like to have happy boy sit in the section between us for the booking agent was in the audience and we didn’t want him to know what was happening. To our surprise, the director said he was good with it. “Very good sports those Canadians”. Just before the overture, we sat our former lead player in tight between us and told him to hold his horn up the best he could. He understood and throughout the entire show he kept his word.

We played the show. We all got paid and the booking agent never knew the difference. As far as I know the Canadian Mounted Police director is still telling the time he had a happy boy in his section that never played a note.

The Holiday on Ice Show and the First Mach 1 Mustang

The band was to play for the Holiday on Ice show given exclusively for the Ford dealers in the Dallas area. Scheduled for the intermission was the first view of the all new Mach 1 Mustang by the Ford Motor Company. The first half went flawlessly and just before the intermission, the new Mach 1 Mustang drove onto the ice in front of the band which was also on the ice in one corner of the ice rink. The announcer began to introduce the beautiful black, full race car as it idled in front of the band. As we played and the announcer described the car to the excited dealers, I looked down at the cars tail pipe and noticed that it was pointing down to the ice. As we continued to play and the announcer continued to announce, the heat from the tail pipe continued to melt the ice.

At the beginning of the second half of the Holiday on Ice show the top female skater began to circle the rink as the band played an exciting Bolero to accompany her. Faster and faster she skated and faster and faster we played. Then it happened. As she made her turn in front of the band, her skate dropped into the circle of melted ice and down she went, and here she came. The poor young lady skidded across the ice and the band was directly in her path. As she rocketed through the waste high curtain in front of the band, all I saw was two skates and a leg. When she finally stopped in the second row of musicians, a trombone player quietly stood up, waved his arms and yelled “SAFE”.

It Could Only Have Happened To A Musician- It Happened At The Circus

If you live long enough, you will have experienced everything. As a member of the senior class, I would like to share personal stories which you may find humorous. Unlike the “How many light bulbs does it take to change a trumpet player? Answer: Unfortunately nothing can change a trumpet player,” type of jokes, these stories really happened and I can vouch for every one of them for I was there.

The day the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus band stopped playing.

This fine organization has entertained audiences for decades and even under the most hazardous conditions, i.e. fires, storms, out of control animals, etc. the band played on. It was the custom for the band’s director to keep the music going no matter what the emergency. That was the unbroken tradition until they performed at the Cattle Congress Arena in Waterloo, Iowa. Little did we know that day that we would be making history.

The band was seated on the main floor with the animals and the other entertainers. As I remember the show, Keith Killenger, ( I believe from the Des Moines, Iowa area) was the director and we were at the point in the program where the elephants were brought in to finish the first half. As we played our traditional gallops and marches, the elephant’s handlers began to back the enormous pachyderms to within inches of the front row of the band. Still we continued to play. Then, from the corner of my eye, I noticed something very strange happening. First the largest animal’s tail began to rise. We kept playing. Then I noticed a change in the diameter of a certain orifice directly below the elephant’s tail. At that moment, the baritone sax player noticed the change also and with lightening speed grabbed his instrument and bolted for safety. And we still kept playing. It would be tasteless to describe the next few seconds for I’m sure you grasp the urgency of the moment. And we kept playing. With what sounded to some as a thunderous crash and to others a loud splat, the band was joined by a mountain of deification. And the band stopped playing. The scene from the seats in the audience was comical. Musicians were scattering like a fleshly flushed covey of quail, the elephant was startled to the point of panic and the debris continued to fall with more force. The baritone sax player, who was directly under the target area, was standing at least fifty yards from the scene of the accident and still holding his instrument. For a very large man to cover that much distant in such a short amount of time was amazing. The director, unable to control the situation had decided to escape the fallout area also. The front row of the band had vanished and before the remaining musicians could regain our composure, we were again attacked by the circus as the personnel responsible for clean up began to though shovels full of saw dust over everything and everyone in sight. As the sawdust (sawdust) settled, the audience behind the band  began to realize what had happened and the laughter first started in the  pianissimo range, quickly rose to a full triple forte.

It must have taken at least five minutes to regain control of the band before the director led us in our next gallop. Years after that experience, when again playing with the same circus band, the story was still being circulated as to the time and possibly the only time the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus band stopped playing during a show.

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