Simplifying the Trumpet Embouchure- Part 2 What Facial Muscles Are Involved When Playing A Trumpet?


Buccinator ( compress cheek against teeth connected to orbicularis oris)
Depressor aguli oris (depress corners of lip)
Depressor labii inferioric (draws lower lip down and slightly lateral)
Levator labii superiorus (raises the upper lip)
Mentalis (elevates and protrudes the lower lip)
Orbicularis Muscle (Kissing muscles)
Risorius (laughing muscle from corners outward)
Zygomaticus minor/ major muscle (used to pull lips back and smile)


The following was prepared by Tim Taylor, Anatomy and Physiology Instructor

“The muscles of the head and neck perform many important tasks, including movement of the head and neck, chewing and swallowing, speech, facial expressions, and movement of the eyes. These diverse tasks require both strong, forceful movements and some of the fastest, finest, and most delicate adjustments in the entire human body.

The muscles of the face are unique among groups of muscles in the body. While most muscles connect to and move only bones, facial muscles mostly connect bones to skin.
These muscles, including the zygomaticus major and orbicularis oris, pull on the skin to produce a seemingly infinite number of facial expressions and to move the lips and cheeks during speech and eating.

Producing the body’s ability to close the mouth, bite, and chew food, the muscles of mastication move the mandible relative to the rest of the skull. These muscles, including the masseter and temporalis, elevate the jaw forcefully during chewing and gently during speech”.

To better visualize the placement and function of these muscles, visit the following site to better understand what we will be discussing in our next post. Be sure to click on the 3D animation…….it’s awesome!

Also be sure to zoom in if you have the courage…..

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