The Perfect Lesson Plan #3- High School Player

At this level of development, the expectations and requirements are similar to the Junior High student with a few exceptions. Foremost at this level is the added amount of performing such as in jazz bands, concert bands, marching bands, all-region and all-state tryouts and as well as solo/ensemble performances. At this juncture, the player needs foremost to continue to gain playing techniques as in Junior High but needs additionally to be aware of the condition of his/her lip at all times. Too many players run into lip problems at this level which can easily be avoided. I have listed below a few situations where the player must be aware of and prepare himself/herself for these situations.

Sore lip

If too much mouthpiece pressure is placed on the lip, the player may actually bruise lip tissue which is not helpful when playing your instrument. To make sure that you are not exceeding the normal pressure on your lip, be sure to read the following posts-

How to Identify and Deal with Excessive Mouthpiece Pressure- Part 1


How to Identify and Deal with Excessive Mouthpiece Pressure- Part 2

Stiff lip

This is a very common problem with players for the more they practice, the more the embouchure can gain strength and at the same time lose flexibility. If you are not sure that you are suffering from this problem, the symptoms are these.

1. Airy sound
2. Difficulty with soft dynamics
3. Takes longer to warmup
4. A constant uneasy feel about playing

The solution to your problem may be found here-

How to Combat “Stiff Chops”

Do You Ever Suffer From Stiff Chops? Part #2

Final “Stiff Chops” Post………. (for now.)

Continuing to improve your basic playing ability will be a continuation of the same material suggested in the Junior High Lesson Plan with a couple additions.

Continuing to improve high range

Once you have gained higher notes to your satisfaction, you should now continue to apply the higher range you have gained and to do that, I suggest that you begin playing through etude books which incorporate these higher notes. To do that, I suggest that you move over into some of the better woodwind etude books such as the following

Expanding Your Upper Register

You might be interested in the following melodic material which will improve your practical high range-

Second Book of Practical Studies for Clarinet

Selected Duets for Clarinet Vol. 1

Rose 32 Etudes

Improving Your Sight Reading Ability

Improve Your Sight-reading- On Line

Tips for Improving Your Sight Reading

Developing your Jazz improvisational abilityPatterns for Jazz

Vol. 2, Nothin’ But Blues: Jazz And Rock (Book & CD Set) (Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play- a-Long)

Learning To Transpose

Sachse 100 Studies“>Sachse 100 Studies

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