Additional Information on the Wind Wynder Product

After discovering and testing the Wind Wynder product, it is now time to give you some additional information on its origin, design, manufacturing and distribution.

The Wind Wynder concept and creation was the brain child of Mary Tolokan and her fellow inventor Rajean. Mary’s musical background includes thirty years of performing on violin with extensive work inside as well as outside the concert halls in all types of conditions.

Three years ago Mary was performing an outside concert at Deer Valley with the Utah Symphony when she finally decided to develop the Wind Wynder product.

She first started working on a prototype with a small kitchen knob, fishing line and clothes pins and found that the pages turned more easily. She and RaJean knew that they needed to develop a product that was easy, compact, portable and efficient to use.

After designing and building seven prototypes of the Wind Wynder they knew that they had a winning combination.

The clip was designed to maximize clearance of the music stand on both sides and accommodate large pieces of music, scores as well as wider stands such as conductor’s stands. The clip was also designed flat in order to extend far enough to clear the largest part and score.

The patented Wind Wynder is constructed from long lasting ABS memory plastic for added strength and serviceability and is manufactured and assembled in their home state of Utah.

Now you all know “the rest of the story”.

In conclusion, I can report that still after several weeks of hard use, my Wind Wynder is still functioning as it did when I first removed it from its box……..perfectly !

Check out Wind Wynder at…… Wind Wynder

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