Every Entrance Begins on the note “C”

Have you ever had this experience? Your first note begins on a low “G” and ascends to a “D” above high “C”? Or Your first note is a high “C” and ends on a low “G” below the staff? If you find it easy to play first note, but have difficulty on the final note; consider the following solution to this problem. Beginning on a high note will usually require more firm corners and a smaller aperture. Starting on a low note requires a more relaxed embouchure and a larger aperture. The benefits of setting your lips for the high…

Only “9” More Days Remain!

Announcing TrumpetLessonsOnline.com has now launched! Checkout our FREE Preview lessons here before signing up. _____________ 25% discount through January 31st of this year! Use code “25OFF” when registering for this discount. _____________ For the past year, we have been compiling important information to share with our readers and students which will answer many questions they might have about playing the trumpet. For almost six decades I have been performing and teaching trumpet and now I have made available an easy and productive series of video lessons compiled for trumpet players of all ages and all levels of performance. Because of…

Wet or Dry- That is a Question

This question can mean different things to different people. To a mother of a new born baby, it has one meaning and to a city mayor, it might refer the drinking preference of his/her county. To a trumpet player still another and this is the person I will be addressing in this post. What is a dry embouchure and what is a wet embouchure? The difference between the two is the moisture content of the lip area while playing. A wet embouchure is one which has moisture (saliva) under the rim of the mouthpiece and between the lips and a…

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Recent Comment With Valve Problem

I just read this comment from one of our readers and was not sure how to answer it. “The two parts of my valve have broken apart !! The part where the wind passes through and the key . what do I do”?? Most valves are constructed in the same manner and for that reason, I will graphically try to illustrate the “usual” order to assemble and disassemble a valve. Some older valve instruments may have a different set-up than our newer instruments and if this is the case, a good repair shop should be contacted. 1. 2. 3. 4.…

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The Many Faces of Phil Driscoll

It was Phil Driscoll’s trumpet playing that brought me to Jesus and for that I will always be indebted to this great musician. During a short period in my life I dedicated myself to play along with Mr. Driscoll’s records; knowing full well that I would never be able to match his phenomenal high note playing. Still I played on and was inspired to do so. Start the video “I Exalt Thee” Sit and listen for twenty measures. When Phil begins to sing, begin to read again. “At the same time I was practicing to the souring sounds of Mr.…

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Some of My Favorite Trumpet Players

Today I wish to indulge myself. Through my life, many trumpet players have impressed me and for that reason I would like to share a few of my favorites with you. Today we will just sit back and enjoy history as written by a few gifted players. Because of the fact that this is a personal selection, I would be very interested in hearing your top picks for our trumpet hall of fame.

“Kimigayo” (The National Anthem of Japan)- What Secret Does It Hold?

I recently decided to start including National Anthems from around the world in my trumpetensemblemusic.com site. My most recent arrangement was a wonderful composition from Mexico and I am very pleased at how it turned out. Due to the fact that I have had a fascination with Japan for several reasons, including my practice of Karate, I thought it would be fun to write an arrangement based on the National Anthem from Japan. Upon first listening to this “shortest and oldest anthem in the world” I was very disappointed. My first opinion was that it was too short, the beginning…

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Product Review- Portable USB-Powered Speakers by Insignia

Portable USB-Powered Speakers by Insignia When I find something that improves my life, I like to share it and this is the case with a pair of stereo speakers I purchased last week. For the past few months I have been looking for speakers which I could use on my laptop computer. Half of my practicing is now done on my desktop and half on my lap top. The sound quality and volume on my desktop has never been a problem but the laptop falls short of what I need when playing back MP3 recordings of my practice material. While…