Inside The World Of A Cup Mouthpiece

In our never ending quest for scientifically proof of what goes on in our trumpet playing world, we find yet another bit of information to confuse and delight our readers. Here is a video showing what actually happens in the cup of a trumpet mouthpiece as it is being played. For those with weak stomachs, please be advised that what you are about to see might be too graphic for the casual viewer. For the rest of us, it looks exactly as we thought it would. Enjoy and remember to keep buzzing, no matter what it looks like!

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Improve Your Sight-reading- On Line

I found this site today and felt compelled to share it with you. In a previous post I covered the importance of being able to read rhythms quickly and accurately. It is my belief that being able to recognize rhythms quickly is the most important area a musician needs to improve his/her sight-reading ability. When I found this site, I knew immediately that I needed to point my readers in that direction. If you want to improve your sight-reading ability, check out this site and let me know what you think of it. Rhythmic Studies

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These are quotes from students in a college jazz history class. They are extracted from the essay topic, “What I learned over this semester in jazz history.” These are all genuine responses, completely unaltered. They are all 18+ year old students; not high school or middle school age kids. None of them are music students; they all took this class as a gen. ed. credit and a hopeful “easy A”. “Free Jazz is an era that I wished I had never learned about.? “Free Jazz. Wow; what a sound it makes. An awful, horrible sound. I don’t see how that…

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Rotary Trumpets- Revisiting Our Past

The hottest new trend is something from our trumpet past. Rotary valves are making a strong comeback. For that reason I searched for the most interesting description of this option which many trumpet players are switching to- rotary valve trumpets. I found this video very interesting and well done, “so on with the show”! For additional information on rotary trumpets, you may find this post interesting… Rotary Valve Trumpets

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Practicing In Front of a Computer Screen

More trumpet players are beginning to read their music off computer screens and this new trend has advantages as well as disadvantages as we will address. More players are beginning to take advantage of on line lessons through Skype as well as other programs and many times their material is sent to them as PDF files. Some may choose to download and print this material so that they are able to practice in the conventional manner, using their music stand to display their material. Some, on the other hand have begun to read their material off the computer screen, thereby…

What is the Best Trumpet Case? Part 4

Listed prices changing constantly! Single Soft Side Cases Now we have come to what I feel is the best compromise among all of the cases mentioned. The soft sided trumpet cases have advanced to the point that the protection is acceptable and the issue of excessive weight has also been addressed. If I were to purchase a new case for my horns, I would definitely go for one of these. Of the cases listed below, my choice would definitely be this one- Protec Standard PRO PAC Trumpet Case Price- $75.99/Material- Nylon/foam/Rating- 4-5 ***** Front section for music. Large accessory…

What is the Best Trumpet Case? Part 3

Gig Bags The basic design of trumpet gig bag has not changed much in the past twenty years. The basic design was originated to serve the convenience of the player. There is not too much protection for the trumpet when transported but the ease of carrying more than makes up for the lack of security. That is if you don’t care what happens to your horn. I never trusted a gig bag to any of my horns so I have to admit that my opinions of the trumpet gig bag might be slightly bias. Most of my friends do use…

What is the Best Trumpet Case? Part 2

Traditional Hard Cases Almost every professional trumpet came packaged in a traditional hard case and most often these were made with wood panels covered with a leather or leather like material. These are considered very strong and protect the instrument from most abusive encounters.  Some are designed with extra room for accessories such as mutes, music, and valve oil and some are designed to only carry one trumpet. Some manufacturers place the trumpet on it’s side as in the case of the Bach and some secure the trumpet in an upright position as in the case of Yamaha and Schilke.…