Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns

Sometimes you can be blown away with a great soprano aria. Sometimes you are brought to tears by the singing a beautiful choir. Even a sunset can make one stop and contemplate the universe, but when you hear the power, precision and drive of a band like this, all you can do is put down your horn and take a lesson.

Please enjoy an ensemble which can only be described as a combination of North Texas State (University of North Texas, now) precision, the funk feel of George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic , the down home swagger of Sly & the Family Stone, the up to dated styling of Chicago, BS&T and Tower of Power, the raw energy of Stevie Wonder, and the creativity of the last efforts of Miles Davis. If you ever need to give an example of utter perfection and precision in brass playing, use this as your standard.

Mr. Paul VonAdam

I have know Paul for more than 10 years and have had contact with him in many areas which includes being a close friend, a fellow musician. Paul and his wife Carol are two of the nicest individuals my wife and I have know since moving to the Branson area.

As a performer, there are few equals in the trumpet field. Paul has performed with the finest musicians who include members of the most well known big bands as well as theater performances throughout the United States as well as Canada. I have had the pleasure of performing with him on numerous occasions and in my opinion, Paul is one of the finest lead trumpet players I have ever worked with. In addition to his superb lead trumpet ability, Paul is also gifted as a solo player which is unusual in trumpet circles. Wherever Paul is positioned in an ensemble, you are assured that his part will be executed at the highest level of professionalism.

Enjoy this performance with the Andy Williams Orchestra in Branson.

Update on Branson

Many have been very kind in asking how we are doing in Branson after a very busy night with tornadoes. I thank you all for your support and wanted to share some photos of our less fortunate neighbors on our street. Our house sustained minor damage and we should have all of the repairs completed in the next month. Many of our close friends will be faced with much more serious problems for as you can see from the photos, much has been lost by many. Fortunately no one was injured even though there were very close calls.

As soon as word was out that Branson had sustained major damage, the City of Joplin, Missouri offered to return the favor of assisting us. This is another example why the United States of American is the greatest country in our world.

Some asked how the theaters were doing and this evening my wife and I drove past the theaters on the strip and were amazed at the amount of damage. Some establishments were heavily damaged while directly across the street, none were affected at all.

This happens to be Branson’s 100th anniversary and knowing the fortitude and pride of this small city, we will rebuild and enjoy a wonderful year in spite of the devastation we have experienced today. Our hearts and prayers are also sent to all who have lost loved ones and homes in Missouri, Illinois and other areas of our country recently.