Trumpet Stand Shoot Out!

As sometimes happens to musicians, I recently left my trumpet stand at my last job and soon relocated in Texas. The thought of driving back eight hours to pick it up was not something I would have enjoyed and decided to replace the one I lost.

I have always purchased the K&M 5-Leg In-Bell Trumpet Stands- $23.99 for they have served me well through many years of playing but when I ran a search for other stands on line, one new product caught my eye……“Correction” the price of this product caught my eye. Titan In-Bell Trumpet Stand – $9.95.

I ordered the cheaper stand and found it on my doorstep this morning. After unwrapping it, I was surprised at its impressive quality and design features. For those interested in a new or replacement trumpet stand, I think you should consider this low cost product. I have included the features of each as well as my evaluations of the two stands.

K&M 5-Leg In-Bell Trumpet Stand–

5 heavy metal legs
Legs stored inside cone when not in use
3 felt pads to support bell
Heavy plastic material other than legs
adequate stability when supporting trumpet

Subtotal- $23.99
Shipping- Free
Tax- $1.98
$25.97 total

Titan In-Bell Trumpet Stand–

5 light weight metal legs
Legs stored outside cone when not in use
5 rubber pads to support bell
Heavy plastic material other than legs
adequate stability when supporting trumpet

Subtotal- $9.95
Shipping- $5.58
Tax- $1.28
$16.81 total

$9.16 difference

Each of these products has been designed well and each seems to withstand normal use. The weight of each is similar and the stability seems matched also.

The biggest difference between the cost of the two seems to be the increase in the shipping cost of the Titan over the free shipping of the K&M. If you can find the Titan at a store and save the shipping costs, you would be way ahead buying that one. Even with the added shipping, I feel that my next stand will probably be another Titan for it does everything the K&M does and I can buy two Titans for the same cost of the K&M.

Of course, that’s only my opinion.

Bruce was a member of the faculty at the University of Northern Iowa, School of Music in Cedar Falls from 1969 until his retirement in 1999. He has performed with many well-known entertainers such as Bob Hope, Jim Nabors, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Anita Bryant, Carman Cavalara, Victor Borgie, the Four Freshman, Blackstone the Magician, Bobby Vinton and John Davidson.

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  1. Jen Houck

    Bruce, I just picked up this Titan In-Bell trumpet stand from Musicians Friend for $7.95 (free Ship) using the code SANDYCLAUS! Jen

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