Trumpet Case Updates- Hard Cases

Winter trumpet flugelhor.
My first review of available trumpet cases was done over two years ago and since that time, some new manufactures have come on the scene and some products have been discontinued. Because of these changes, I thought it was time to update my opinions as to which features and which manufactures seem to be offing us the best products.

Be sure to check back to my earlier posts for I covered many issues at that time which will not be included in this updated review. This post will only include products which I feel are the best choice for anyone needing a new trumpet case.

My recommendation for the “best single, hard case for your trumpet.

1. None
All of the single cases available that I have seen do not offer enough extra space for accessories such as mutes, music, etc. without increasing the size of the case itself. You would be better off getting a double case which will give you better protection as well as more storage space.

My recommendation for the “best double, hard case for your trumpet.

1. Yamaha Double Trumpet Case

$245.00 Dillon Music

2. J. Winter JW 775 Deluxe Wood Double Trumpet Case

$249.99 Woodwind Brasswind

My recommendation for the “best triple, hard case for your trumpet.

1. J. Winter JW 776 Deluxe Wood Case For 3 TrumpetsStandard

$289.99 Woodwind Brasswind

My recommendation for the “best trumpet/ flugle horn, hard case.

1. J. Winter JW 777 Deluxe Wood Trumpet and Flugelhorn Case

2. You might also consider the J. Winter JW 776 Deluxe Wood Case For 3 TrumpetsStandard and remove the back divider to make room for your flugle which I do on my Schilke triple case. This option guaranties that your flugle will fit easily in the case.

$304.99 Amazon

The only difference between the Schilke, Yamaha and the Winter cases is that the outer materials on the Winter cases are a little less impressive.

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  1. Richard W Dowling

    Looking for a case big enough to hold 3 horns (Bb,C and Flugel) any suggestions? I have a hard side triple horn case but it won’t hold the Flugel.

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