The Presidential Race- “The Ultimate Reality Show”


If you are like me, I have had it with all the name calling, mud throwing and character assignations going on in the race for the White House.

We have finally hit the lowest level in our countries history when speaking of the the next occupant to the oval office.

We have two candidates with apparently the lowest moral fiber ever to run for this esteem position.

Even the Republican Party cannot support their offering and most on the Democratic side of the isle have distanced themselves from their candidate.


With this said, then why do the news networks keep amplifying each candidates shortcomings ever hour of every day as if it were a huge reality show…….


The presidential race is a reality show and sells advertising just like any other reality show.

Here are a few reasons why reality shows are popular and after reading them, you may agree with my original statement “The Presidential Race- The Ultimate Reality Show”.

”Is the popularity of shows such as Survivor, Big Brother and Temptation Island a sign that the country has degenerated into a nation of voyeurs? Americans seem hooked on so-called reality television–programs in which ordinary people compete in weeks-long contests while being filmed 24 hours a day. Some commentators contend the shows peddle blatant voyeurism, with shameless exhibitionists as contestants. Others believe that the show’s secret to ratings success may be as simple and harmless as the desire to seem part of the in crowd”.

By Steven Reiss, James Wiltz, published on September 1, 2001

“Reality TV shows without interactivity still have their appeal. People tend to feel better about their own lives when watching the marital turmoil on Jon & Kate Plus 8. And viewers can fantasize about becoming stars when watching ordinary people attain celebrity on shows like Survivor”.

S. Shyam Sundar, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Professor of Communications and co-director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State University Park. His e-mail address is

“Reality television is also popular because the public likes drama, which is what reality television is mainly composed of”.

Steve Gervin

“Whenever I have a bad day, I turn on TLC. My Crazy Obsession, My Strange Addiction, Hoarding: Buried Alive —almost anything the network airs (that’s non-wedding related) immediately lifts my spirits by relativity, because being dumped is nothing compared to living in house full of 100 dead cats! I realize that I should just be grateful that no one has ever propositioned me to do a coffee enema and that even though I might be home watching TLC on a Saturday night, at least I don’t spend my time pretending to be a mermaid. Compared to these people, I’ve got nothing to complain about”.

TV Guide

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