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I happened to run across this wonderful performance of one of my arrangements on Youtube today and wanted to share it with you. Thanks for your support “Generations Brass” and a free arrangement will be coming your way. Please send me your E Mail address and I will get it off to you.

The Most Important 24 Notes You May Ever Play

As most of you know, Branson is possibly the most dedicated city in the nation to honor of our service men and women. This week has been designated as Veterans Week and every store, show and business has welcomed thousands of our veterans to Branson to give recognition for their dedication to the protection of our country. This evening I have the privilege of performing Taps at the formal Marine Corps. dinner and in their honor and for that reason, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this post to the preparation going into this performance. The history- The…

Free Trumpet Sheet Music- “La Marseillaise 11/13/15”- Brass Quartet

Free Trumpet Sheet Music- “La Marseillaise 11/13/15”- Brass Quartet La Marseillaise- Score La Marseillaise- Trombone 1 La Marseillaise- Trombone 2 La Marseillaise- Trumpet 1 La Marseillaise- Trumpet 2 In respect to the people who lost so much on 11/13/15. We will continue to offer these free arrangements and ask only that you visit our Facebook page listed below and mark “Like” if you are so inclined. http://www.facebook.com/thetrumpetblog _________________ http://www.facebook.com/thetrumpetblog http://www.trumpetensemblemusic.com/ http://www.thetrumpetblog.com/ http://www.trumpetlessonsonline.com/

Sheet Music for Trumpet- Free

Budgets are tight and still we need material to practice. I have been searching the Internet for some time and have collected a large source of sites which offer free music for the trumpet. Some are good and most are a waist of time. I have selected my top thirteen sources for free music written for, or adaptable for trumpet use. If, after reading this post you have additional sites to suggest, please send your information to me and I will update my listings on a later post. These listings are from the best to the less valuable, indicated with…

Be Careful What You Ask For!

In our last post I invited comments on the subject “Why Brass at Christmas Time” and I did get a question. But it wasn’t what I expected. I thought I would have comments such as “What’s so bad about woodwind quartets”? or “You’re an idiot”, you know the usual responses. What I recieved was something quite different. The question- “What are you most popular arrangements”? As with most comments, I will respond as best I can. My top 20 most popular brass arrangements during the Christmas season are the following starting with the most popular. 1. Mary Did You Know-…

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I ran into an old friend today….

While rummaging through my files today, I discovered a long lost friend from my past… The name of my old friend was Vassily Brandt “Etudes for Trumpet (Orchestra Etudes and Last Etudes), Edited by William Vacchiano. Not only are these excellent exercises to learn some of the most recognized orchestral excerpts, but when you get back to the “Last Etudes” section, hold on to your eyeballs for this had to be written by the most vicious practitioner of the instrument. Just when you get used to a pattern, he changes directions and you fingers feel as if they were bent…

Practice Plan #1- Part 2

Lip Flexibility and Fingers This is the second of two posts which outline exercises written to be used for a suggested practice schedule. This not an all inclusive program but if you are searching for a multiple vitamin type of package, this should work. I will be posting a second program at a later date which will be written for the more advanced player. Be sure to follow the rests as well as the suggested dynamics and tempi in this section as you did in the first. Download exercises here Practice Plan #1 Part 2

Practice Plan #1- Part 1

I have been asked to post a practice program which would address the most important issues when practicing. This first post deals with tone, endurance and range development. My next will address flexibility and scale development. Make sure your rest where it is indicated and  use a metronome throughout this program. Make sure you also follow the indicated dynamics. Download exercises here Practice Plan #1

How to Solve Your Hinge Problems

Now that you have downloaded your new arrangement for your ensemble, which comes in separate pages (25 to be exact), how do you plan on connecting each part and score? PDF files are great for downloading but when trying to keep page 1 of trumpet 2 with the other trumpet 2 pages can be a problem. Some librarians use plastic binding tape which can get stuck to itself and make a big mess. Some use masking tape stretched from the top to the bottom on one side of the page and still others may try to tape both sides which…

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Fourth Day of Free Music!

How long will this continue? Our first offering was obviously from France- 36 Etudes Trascendantes Our second offering was from Russia- 13 Russian Etudes Our third day was from various countries- Transposition Etudes This is our last day of free music, at least for a while and comes again from Russia. This free offering includes both the written trumpet parts in Bb as well as trumpet in C. Along with this free music is a recording of the piano accompaniment. Don’t say I never gave you anything! Concert Etude by Alexander GoedickeConcert Etude by Alexander Goedicke

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