How Good Does A Trumpet Have To Be? Part 2

I was sent this response from one of our other sites which seems to confirm my thoughts on my previous post “How Good Does A Trumpet Have To Be”? Part 1 “By chance I can across comments by Algridas Matonis (Algirdas Matonis) who is a Euphonium player in River City Brass – both of them are ‘big’ in the USA and produce some ‘good stuff’. It seems like AM supports the view that it is possible and practical to produce excellent music on ‘lesser quality’ instruments as demonstrated in this video of him talking and playing a ‘student’ instrument”.

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Trumpet Stand Shoot Out!

As sometimes happens to musicians, I recently left my trumpet stand at my last job and soon relocated in Texas. The thought of driving back eight hours to pick it up was not something I would have enjoyed and decided to replace the one I lost. I have always purchased the K&M 5-Leg In-Bell Trumpet Stands- $23.99 for they have served me well through many years of playing but when I ran a search for other stands on line, one new product caught my eye……“Correction” the price of this product caught my eye. Titan In-Bell Trumpet Stand – $9.95. I…