“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to our stage, Mr. Victor Haskins”.

In my original post introducing this musician, who I considered to be a moving force in the universe, was on September 29, 2012 when I published “Please Welcome Victor Haskins”. At that time I predicted his continued success and I wanted to share his talents with my readers. As in all predictions, sometimes you get it right and sometimes you learn to eat your words. I am pleased to announce that my earlier predictions are continuing to come true for this unique individual and for that reason; I have asked Mr. Haskins to share “in his own words” what has…

How and When To Use A Plunger…..”and which one”?

Obviously most people know the “When” and “How” use of the common sewer plunger but many trumpet players are not familiar with its use as a trumpet mute. Commercial plungers are available in most well equipped music stores and the offerings on line are numerous. Examples and instruction of the plungers use is available on YouTube as well. The design and cost of such plungers can be confusing and to help you decide on which one to buy or upgrade to is the purpose of this post. The common sewer plunger (small size) is the most widely used. The cost…


Warning! This video contains foul language and intense personal anguish. If you are offended by aggressive, confrontational behavior, do not view this video. If you are underage, do not view this video. If you have ever been attacked by a small man (woman?)on the street when practicing your horn, do not view this video.

How to Solve Your Hinge Problems

Now that you have downloaded your new arrangement for your ensemble, which comes in separate pages (25 to be exact), how do you plan on connecting each part and score? PDF files are great for downloading but when trying to keep page 1 of trumpet 2 with the other trumpet 2 pages can be a problem. Some librarians use plastic binding tape which can get stuck to itself and make a big mess. Some use masking tape stretched from the top to the bottom on one side of the page and still others may try to tape both sides which…

Fourth Day of Free Music!

How long will this continue? Our first offering was obviously from France- 36 Etudes Trascendantes Our second offering was from Russia- 13 Russian Etudes Our third day was from various countries- Transposition Etudes This is our last day of free music, at least for a while and comes again from Russia. This free offering includes both the written trumpet parts in Bb as well as trumpet in C. Along with this free music is a recording of the piano accompaniment. Don’t say I never gave you anything! Concert Etude by Alexander GoedickeConcert Etude by Alexander Goedicke

32 Transposition Etudes- Free

Third Day of Free Etudes! How long will this continue? Our first offering was obviously from France- 36 Etudes Trascendantes by Theo Charlier . Our second offering was from Russia- 13 Russian Etudes by Vladislav Blazhevich. Today’s offering is from various countries- Transposition Etudes

Vladislav Blazhevich 13 Russian Etudes- Free

This is your lucky week! Now take a look at another outstanding etude collection for trumpet and this time we feature Vladislav Blazhevich’s 13 Russian Etudes. In a tight economy and high unemployment, I will continue to try to find other materials which are available to all on the Internet. Download here- Vladislav Blazhevich 13 Russian Etudes

36 Etudes Trascendantes- Free

36 Etudes Trascendantes is one of the most often required collection of etudes for trumpet and to find this tremendous collection offered free is an outstanding occasion. I found this downloadable book on line today and am very pleased to share it with my readers. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you should have a copy of this fine collection in your library. Download here- 36_Etudes_Trascendantes_-_Theo_Charlier

The Different Parts of Your Trumpet

Many times those of us who have been behind a mouthpiece for many years forget that young players are just starting out on the trumpet and what seems obvious to us, may be new information to the younger player. For that reason I thought it would be helpful to the beginners in our audience to get a working knowledge of the parts of the trumpet. Mouthpiece- This is the removable section which you place to your lips to create a sound. Throughout your career as a trumpet player, you will collect many of these, each one being purchased in order…