Last Post From The Dark Side

I have had a couple inquiries about my PBone and how it has worked out for me and because of these unrelated to trumpet questions, I was hesitant to address any more trombone questions. But, because of the hundreds (actually only a couple) of requests, I have decided to offer some final information on the PBone. Question #1- “Do you like the horn”. Answer- Yes Question #2- “How does the slide work”? Answer- Push it out and pull it in. Question #3- “What do you like best about the horn”? Answer- It’s cheap ($159.00) and weighs only 1.8 lbs. Question…

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A Few Generalizations about Jazzers and Legit Trumpet Players

For those who find my observations to be biased and unfounded, I apologize. To those who agree with me I question your judgement for to generalize on any topic is to accept all criticisms thrust upon you. The following observations stem from many years of experience and in no way represents any scientific or tested study on this subject. Observation #1 Most jazzers don’t read well. Most legit players don’t swing. Observation #2 Most jazzers are more creative. Most legit players can only play what they see on the page. Observation #3 Most jazzers hang out with fellow jazzers.. Most…

Bud Brisbois Clinic- 5-24-72 @ Nathan Hale High School, Seattle, Washington

Thanks go out to a good friend Mr. Dave Bacon for this interview given by the late great Bud Brisbois “The main two things that I stress and firmly believe in are: 1. Breathing, knowing how to breath and knowing how to set the air and 2. Building the proper muscles here(chops) as opposed to destroying everything here(chops). There are so many fine trumpet players around the country and the world these days, I’ve found by watching them play that there are two things that they all do exactly alike. First of all, they have a strong anchor or corners…

Flight of the Saber Dance- rehearsal video

I thought some of you may want to see and hear what the Branson Trumpet Ensemble is doing lately. In preparation for a concert this Sunday, we decided to video tape one of our numbers and share it. When I arranged this number, I wanted to combine “Flight of the Bumble Bee” with “Saber Dance” and this is what I came up with. We hope you like it.