A Little Different And A Lot Of Talent

I recently came across a very talented trio fronted by a young trumpet player you must hear. Noticed I didn’t say your “should” hear. The trio is called Sweet Talk and no matter what kind of music trips your trigger, you need to listen to and follow the progress of this interesting ensemble (an experimental jazz trio based in Brooklyn, NY. Jake Henry – trumpet; Dustin Carlson – guitar, Devin Drobka – drums). Each member of the group is able to contribute artistry in every composition. And when you combine only a guitarist, a drummer and a trumpet player, you…

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Now meet Mr. Tatum Greenblatt

In our never ending quest to showcase the best in trumpet playing…. A Seattle native, Tatum Greenblatt is a musician, composer and bandleader who has established himself as one of the most in-demand trumpet players on New York City’s music scene and performed with artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Joe Lovano, The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, The Mingus Big Band, Richard Bona, George Gruntz, Donny McCaslin, Jacques Swartz- Bart, David Berger, George Garzone, and The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, among many others. Having earned his master’s degree from The Juilliard School, Tatum has toured extensively with The Richard Bona Group…

The New Schagerl “Raven”- The Best Of Both Worlds

James Morrison explains his newly designed piston/rotary valve trumpet as only he can….. This is my new trumpet from Schagerl – although it looks a bit like a cornet, it is definitely a trumpet. The design comes from my wish to have a rotary valve instrument due to the different articulation you get compared to piston valves. I find the rotary sounds more precise and there is a smaller “dead spot” between when you push the valve and when the next note comes out clearly. This is particularly noticeable when playing quickly in the upper register (something I like to…

A Musician Must Be Flexible

When speaking of flexibility in this case, I don’t mean that you can do back flips and hand stands. Flexibility in this case refers to the ability to adapt to your surroundings and situations. Another word I could use to describe this valuable trait for musicians could be adaptability. I will try to cover a few examples of adaptability or flexibility which you may run into in your journey down the page. Flexibility when practicing- Many times we find a groove in which we enjoy pleasure in our playing. We search for just the right combination of loud and soft…

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Yet Another Toy For Our Trumpet Toy Box

When will this ever end? There is no question as to the ability of this monumental trumpet player, so when I received an invitation to “Like” a site connected with Arturo Sandoval’s name, I jumped at the opportunity. If you are new to the ever widening trumpet world and have not yet heard of this gifted performer, check him out at this site- Arturo Sandoval For the rest of the trumpet world, we all shudder at the mere mention of his name. So when I heard that the maestro was endorsing a new and revolutionary accessory for trumpet players, I…

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What Is A Neti Pot And How Can It Help My Trumpet Playing?

Neti Pot is its name and NASTY POT is what I call it. The agony and humiliation I go through while using this instrument of torture cannot be overstated. Now that we have addressed all the positives connected with this helpful little item, I will share with you its benefits and the history as to how and why I am currently putting myself through this agony twice a day. It all started when I moved to the Branson, Missouri area. If you are not aware, Branson is located in the Ozark Mountains and surrounded by a National forest. Trees have…

How To Learn To Circular Breath- Part II

In my first post, I explained what circular breathing was and showed you two examples of the process. I also listed several exercises for you that would allow you to take air in and at the same time let air out. What we will be doing in this post will be giving you additional exercises to do in order to actually produce a note from your instrument which you should be able to sustain indefinitely. Getting a buzz going while inhaling. First we need to practice what we had accomplished in Part I of this post. 1.      Lower your jaw,…

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How To Circular Breath- Part I

The first time I viewed circular breathing was at a Duke Ellington concert and I was blown away with the ability of one of his tenor sax players using this technique. After that concert I began trying to duplicate the technique and apply it to trumpet playing. From what I have learned as well as observed from others, I will explain how it is done and give you exercises which will get you on your way to circular breathing. What is circular breathing? Circular breathing is a technique which allows you to take air in and at the same time…

What You See Is Not What You Hear!

Flash Mobs have been increasing in number as well as creativity. We all would like to be present when one of these apparent haphazard occurrences take place. The thrill of this unpredictable and well-rehearsed performance happening in front of our very eyes is something every person would remember all of his/her life. Now, let me jump to another similar and related question. How many of you have heard complaints about a live show using tracks? Many people will rant and rave and say such things such as “I paid good money to hear “real” music, not a canned recording”. Yet…