Bartering In Tough Economic Times

Few of us remember much if anything about the Depression (the real Depression) and the word bartering may not be one we use today in casual conversations, but you might look into it. By definition the word bartering refers to the exchange of goods or services for other goods or services without the exchange of currency.. This may sound off the wall but as the economy continues to falter, the practice of bartering starts to make more since each day. Most everyone is faced with increased expenses and in many cases we can find ourselves out of work. Being out…

How To Add Emotion To Your Performance

We, as trumpet players are at a great disadvantage when it comes to expressing emotion in our performances. When we listen to a fine vocalist, we are impressed with the passion the song brings but when we perform the same song on trumpet, we fall short. Why does this happen? The difference is in the use of the words. If the same vocalist would substitute numbers or letters for the text, the trumpet and voice would be on the same playing field and I would tend to believe that the trumpet would win in a contest of emotions for we…

I Cant Get Air Through My Horn!

This is a very common concern for many young players and the solution is very simple. If your instrument was working before you oiled your valves and then after oiling them your instrument will not allow any air to be blown through it, you either have one or more of your valves in the wrong valve casing or your valves are incorrectly positioned in its own valve casing. Solution to your problem- Check to see if your valves are in the correct valve casing- Check on each of your valves for a stamped number. Usually they can be found on…

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What is a Schilbach?

In everyone’s life, there are things which we hold dear. It might be a sunset shared by a loved one. It might have been a soft touch from a very special persons hand upon yours. But to a trumpet player, it’s always that perfect trumpet. This is where my story begins. Early in the 1970’s I purchased what I thought would be my first and last C trumpet. Unfortunately, we did not get along very well. I expected more out of my new Bach CL 229L than it could offer me. And being the true hearted Schilke advocate that I…

Now That’s Enthusiasm!

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As If We Dont Have Enough Valves Already!

Professor David Hickman is a very well respected trumpet teacher as well as a fine trumpet player. His newest project has been working with Clifford Blackburn to develop and make available a new five valve trumpet. In this video he demonstrates the versatility of this new horn and explains its use for simplifying fingering and improving accuracy. I find it amazing that he is able to remember which set of valve combinations needed to be used in each example. To the average trumpet player this might seem a bit over the top but you have to realize that playing in…

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As the responses to our survey continue to trickle in, I will keep you up-to-date as to the most requested areas to address when improving our trumpet playing. At the present time, here are the results listed from the most important to the least important. Extremely important High Range Flexibility Breathing and Breath control Intonation Tone Improvisation Endurance Moderately important Sight -reading Tonguing Power/ Volume Finger technique Counting Shakes Transposition Pedal Tones Performing in an orchestra Posture Preparing a solo Preparing for an audition Playing a show Least important Scales Vibrato Lip Trills Mouthpiece Placement Performing with an orchestra Literature…