Pounding Pain In The Back Of The Brain

Recently I was asked if I had ever experienced a momentary shot of pain to the back of my head after releasing a loud, high note. Fortunately I have not had that pleasure for some time now but I distinctly remember the experience. After releasing a loud, high note (usually in about two to five seconds), it feels as if something climbs up the back of your neck and hits you in the back of the brain with a couple of pulsating shots, then goes away. If this sounds familiar to you, I may be able to help.

Years ago I was having these hits occurring every time I held a long, loud high note. This usually happened when the leader of the band wanted to get the last bit of applause out of his audience, never considering that the trumpets were about to have brain seizures. After many bouts with the uncomfortable suffering, I realized that the hits (usually two or three in lessening severity) coincided with my pulse. When one came on, I would check my pulse and sure enough, the multiple shots of pain were in sync with my pulse.

  • Important information #1- the pain had something to do with the blood flow to the brain.
  • Important information #2- my neck bulged when playing high and loud notes for an extended time.
  • Important information #3- the swelling in my throat could be restricting the blood flow in the arteries running through my neck.

Conclusion- The expansion in the throat due to the sustained pressure in the throat restricts the blood flow to the brain and in turn starves the brain of blood until the note is released and the blood, which has been previously restricted, is released and the sudden surge of blood to the brain causes the pulsating pain which decreases in intensity.

Now that we know how this happens, what can we do to alleviate the pain?

I wish I could tell you that I struggled for days trying to Eye Secrets come up with the solution to this uncomfortable experience but to be 100% truthful; I discovered the solution completely by accident. During one of these painful moments, by accident, I lowered my chin tight to my chest. I was probably getting set for the rush of blood to my brain. For some reason, the discomfort did not occur. Luckily I noted this change and every time I anticipated the creepy, crawly thing running up the back of my neck, I quickly tilted my head down as far as possible, stretching the back of my neck and would hold that pose for at least five to ten seconds. After returning my head to a more normal position, I was relieved to find that I did not experience the normal shots to the back of my head.

If you have experienced this discomfort, try these steps to get rid of the pain-

  • Upon the release of your high, loud note, tuck you head as deep into your chest as you can.
  • Hold that position for about five seconds. You should feel the stretching of the back of your neck as you hold the position.
  • Slowly bring you head up.

My hypothesis as to why this is effective is this- As the blood is restricted in the throat area, the brain is temporarily starved for blood. This is why many times players pass out after the note ends. As the blood is released, the shock of this rush of blood affects the brain by sending sharp pain to your senses. By tucking your head deep into your chest, you are slowing down the surge of blood to a slower speed which the brain can manage more easily. In other words, by tucking your chin, you are equalizing the pressure to a more acceptable level.

My hypothesis may be completely wrong, but I do know that the exercise did work for me and it is my hope that it may give you some relief from the painful experience.

How To Become A Midi File Arranger

What is a Midi File?

MIDI refers to “musical instrument digital interface”. This is the industries standard which enables electronic musical instruments to communicate with each other. Midi protocol was defined throughout the music industry in 1982.

How can I begin to arrange without knowing how to write music?

Working with midi information is as easy as copying letters from a page. All that will be required is the knowledge of the names of the notes and you will be able to copy and place these notes on your own score to make your first midi arrangement. You are basically copying someone else’s arrangement and re-arranging it to suit your own personal needs.

What equipment will I need to begin?

The purchase of software is required but before you start shaking in your budgetary boots, let me assure you that your first purchase and possibly your only purchase will be easy on your pocket book. If you own a computer, your only expense could be a program called Finale Songwriter which costs $49.95.

Where can I find good Midi Files?

The Internet is full of easy as well as very complex midi arrangements which will fill all of your needs. Every style is represented and I have little doubt that any song you would like to arrange will be available to you free of charge. Some of these arrangements are wonderful and some are not worth downloading, but as you gain experience in midi arranging, you will be able to sort the good from the bad very quickly.

Can I legally use someone else’s Midi files?

Midi files are available to the public free of charge and there are no restrictions on their use. There are restrictions on the original composition which you should be aware of. A composer has the right to a portion of the profits made from the sale of his/her composition under the United States and International copyright laws. This is to protect the composer from any loss or infringement on the use of his/her composition. As an example- If I wrote a composition and have registered it with the copyright office, I own the Buy Cialis rights and control of that composition for an agreed amount of time. Anyone wishing to make a profit from my composition must have in writing my approval for this action. If on the other hand a person would like to perform my composition on a program where no profit has been or will be made, approval would not be necessary. Copyright laws are also affected by material which is used for educational purposes as well as a limited amount of the original material for study purposes. Copyright laws are enforced for the protection of the creator’s rights to his/her own material. There are no controls placed on a person’s arrangement of such material and for that reason, you may use material from someone else’s arrangement at your will but if you intend to make a profit on a copyrighted material, you are expected and required to have the composer’s and/or publishers written approval to do so.

What we are doing in this exercise is using someone’s arrangement to be used for our own purposes and this is absolutely within the law. If, on the other hand, you intend to make money from the sale of your arrangement, you are required to have the written permission from the original composer of the number. If you have no intention in selling your arrangement, you have no obligation to the original composer of the piece.

How difficult is it to learn Midi arranging?

If you can recognize the names of notes in both treble and bass clef, you will have no trouble rearranging midi files to suit your needs. I will walk you through your first few arrangements step by step. Within a short time you will be able to rearrange any midi number you like. In my next posting you will be required to have a program which will support midi files and also be able to edit and play back these files. I have listed three programs which would serve you in all of our subsequent exercises. Any of these would work well for your sequencing needs.

$600/academic $350

Finale Make Music Allegro

Finale Song Writer

The Branson Trumpet Ensemble Library of Free Arrangements (7/9/14)

In our continuing project to list the Branson Trumpet Ensemble library, we will now post all of our FREE arrangements at this time (7-9-14)

Free Trumpet arrangements from trumpetensemblemusic.com

Trumpet Voluntary /w Organ

Nola (Trumpet solo with piano)

Vivaldi Fanfare (Four Trumpets)

Minuet in G (Trumpet Duet)

We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Brass Quartet)

Snow Day In Branson (Trumpet Duet)

Caroling, Caroling (Brass Quartet)

Arban Characteristic Study #9 (Trumpet Duet)

Interval Study (Trumpet Duet)

Rhythmic Study (Trumpet Duet)

Baroque Game Pieces (Trumpet Duet)

Descending Fanfare (Trumpet Trio)

11 Giant Steps For Mankind (Trumpet Duet)

Amazing Grace (Study in Alternate Fingerings)

Simple Four Voice Canon (Trumpet Quartet)

Amazing Grace (Trumpet Solo)

Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Trumpet Duet)

National Anthem Of Haiti (Trumpet Quartet)

Happy Birthday (Trumpet Quartet)

Taps Variations (Two Trumpets)

Theme From Jeopardy (Trumpet Quartet)

How Are The Mighty Fall’n? (Trumpet Quart w/Piano)

If (Solo w/ Tracks)

Theme From The Tonight Show

Happy Birthday Branson Style (Trumpet Quartet)

Study In Intonation

Dixie Duet #6

The Branson Trumpet Ensemble Library of Quintet Arrangements (7/9/14)

In our continuing project to list the Branson Trumpet Ensemble library, we will now post all of our Quintet arrangements at this time (7-9-14)

Quintet arrangements from trumpetensemblemusic.com


Fable 2

Happy (quartet w/opt. Bass, Drums)

When You Wish Upon A Star

Let It Go (Brass Quintet)

Christmas Bundle (Brass Quintet)

Jingle Bells (Brass Quintet)

Dill Pickles Rag (Brass Quintet)

Lady Of Spain (Brass Quintet)

Yes She Do, No She Don’t, I’m Satisfied With My Girl (Dixieland Band)

Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone (Brass Quintet)

Theme From Dallas “Chorale and Fugetto (Fugato” (Brass Quintet)

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? (Dixieland Band)

Basin Street Blues (Dixieland Band)

Si tu vois ma mere (Dixieland Band)

Quincy Street Stomp (Dixieland Band)

You Don’t Know Me (Trumpet Quintet w/Bass)

Promenade Aux Champs Elysees (Dixieland Band)

Down In Honky Tonk Town (Dixieland Band)

Shake It and Break It (Dixieland Band)

Egyptian Fantasy (Dixieland Band)

I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues (Dixieland Band)

Burnin’ The Iceberg (Dixieland Band)

Cake Walking Babies From Home (Dixieland Band)

Fantasy by Earth, Wind and Fire (Trumpet Quintet w/rhythm)

Early Autumn (Brass Quintet)

Bugler’s Holiday (Brass Quintet)

Stompin’ At The Savoy (Brass Quintet)

Night In Tunisia (Brass Quintet)

Oh Shenandoah (Brass Quintet)

Just Another Bossa Nova (Brass Quintet)

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Memorial Day Salute (opt. 5th trumpet)

Star Spangled Banner (Brass Quntet)


Sonata #24 (Brass Quintet)

The King Of Denmark Galliard (Brass Quintet)

Allegro Maestoso (Brass Quintet)

Hymn To St. Cecilia- Part III (Brass Quintet)

Ewald Quintet #1 op. 5- 2nd. Mvt. (Brass Quintet)

Les Pecheurs de Perles “Ah! Revenez a la raison” (Trumpet Quintet)

Intrada #3 (Trumpet Quintet)

Beethoven’s 5th- First Movement (Trumpet Quintet)

Allegro From Balleto Quarto Op.1 (Trumpet Quintet)

Intrada (Trumpet Quintet)

Londonderry Air (Brass Quintet)

Cantzon #5 (Brass Quintet)

Canzon #1 For Five Voices ( Brass Quintet)

Concerto For Two Trumpets (Trumpet Quintet)

Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit (Trumpet Quintet)


We Three Kings #2 (Brass Quintet)

We Three Kings #1 (Brass Quintet)

Christ The Lord Has Risen Today (Trumpet Quintet)

Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Brass Quintet)

Leanings (Brass Quintet)


Fanfare pour precede “La Peri” (Brass Quintet)

Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

PDF File for Quintet arrangements as of 7/9/14-
Quintet Arrangements

The Branson Trumpet Ensemble Library Of Trio Arrangements (7/9/14)

In our continuing project to list the Branson Trumpet Ensemble library, we will now post all of our Trio arrangements at this time (7-9-14)

Trumpet trio arrangements from trumpetensemblemusic.com


Just A Taste Of Tijuana

Dixieland Medley

Tennessee Christmas

Trumpet Trio Christmas Bundle

Blue Christmas w/ opt.Piano & Percussion

God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree w/ opt. Bass

All I Want For Christmas Are ..Teeth

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) w/opt. Bass

Reeds Spring Rag (Trumpet 4 sub. For Tuba)

Sesame Street

Surfer Girl (w/ opt. Bass)

Rag-A-Muffin Rag

A Taste Of Honey (solo,duet,trio)

The Wedding March (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ

Bring Him Home (w/ Piano Track)

A Better Bugler’s Holiday

The Christmas Song

Nine Digits

The Soldier’s Joy

Theater Cat & Memory From Cats (solo,duet,trio)

The Phantom Of The Opera & The Music Of The Night (solo,duet,trio)


Yankee Doodle Variations

Battle Hymn of the Republic


I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (w/ Organ)

In The Garden (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ

The Old Rugged Cross (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ

O Come, O Come, Emanuel (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ

Because He Lives

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Bow Down Thine Ear, Oh Lord (w/ Piano)

Fairest Lord Jesus (solo,duet,trio) w/Piano

Abide With Me (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ

Swing Low (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ

Ash Grove (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ Track

All Hail The Power of Jesus’Name (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ Track

And Can It Be? (w/ Organ)

Victory In Jesus (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ Track

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (solo,duet,trio) w/ Piano-Organ Track

In Christ Alone (solo,duet,trio) w/ Piano-Organ Track

The Holy City (solo,duet,trio) w/ Piano- Organ Track

Panis Angelicus (solo,duet,trio) w/ Piano Track

Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (solo,duet,trio,quartet)

What Child Is This (w/opt. Piano)

Amazing Grace

Latin Volume Pills

An Evening in Madrid


Trio a Flauti Traversi- Vivace

Trio a Flauti Traversi- Presto

Trio a Flauti Traversi- Largo

Trio a Flauti Traversi- Adagio

Trio #1 (Tpts.1,2 w/ Trb. & piano)


Napoli (w/2 cornet & Piano)

Decending Fanfare erafnaF gnidnecsA


Trio in D (5th. Movement-Allegro)

Trio in D (4th. Movement-Largo)

Trio in D (3rd. Movement-Presto)

Trio in D (2nd. Movement-Vivace)

Trio in D (1st. Movement- Adagio)

Bach Two Part Invention (tpts.1,2,3)


Locus Iste (w/ opt. Bass)

Trio Of Horns (w/ Organ-Piano)


Gavotte In G Major

Trio #1 by Handel (w/ Piano)

Trio #4 by Handel (w/ Piano)

Death Of Ringgold (w/ Piano)


Hallelujah Fanfare

Fanfare (w/opt. Snare)

PDF File of Trumpet Trio Arrangements as of 7/9/14-
Trio Arrangements

The Branson Trumpet Ensemble Library Of Dixieland Arrangements (7/9/14)

NOLA Dixieland BandIn our continuing project to list the Branson Trumpet Ensemble library, we will now post all of our Dixieland arrangements at this time (7-9-14)

Welcome our very good friends from Iowa…the NOLA dixieland Band

Dixieland arrangements from trumpetensemblemusic.com

Minnie The Moocher

I Like Pie, I Like Cake

Palm Court Strut

She’s No Lady, She’s My Wife

Here I Am

Down In The Shadows Of New Orleans

Keep A Penny In Your Pocket

Cool, Cool Daddy

Rattlin’ Bones

5 Point Blues

Bring It Back

Drowning In My Own Tears

Jump Right In


I’m Checking Out Goom Bye

Satchel Mouth Baby

Brother Hawky Hawk

Long Gone John

Dixieland Medley (trumpet trio)

Yes She Do No She Don’t, I’m Satisfied With My Girl

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?

Basin Street Blues

Si tu vois ma mere

Quincy Street Stomp

Promenade Aux Champs Elysees

Down In Honky Tonk Town

Shake It and Break It

Egyptian Fantasy

I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues

Burnin’ The Iceberg

Cake Walking Babies From Home

Dixieland Rocks (Trumpet Trio)

PDF Payday Loan file for Dixieland arrangements as of 7/9/14-
Dixieland Arrangements

The Branson Trumpet Ensemble Library for Cornet (7/9/14)

In our continuing project to list the Branson Trumpet Ensemble library, we will now post all of our Cornet arrangements at this time (7-9-14)

Cornet arrangements from trumpetensemblemusic.com

Bethena (quartet)

The Cauliflower Polka (quartet)

Carnival of Venice (solo w/solo Track Level 1)

Pearls of the Sea (quartet)

The American Boy (solo w/piano)

King Neptune (solo w/Piano)

The Student’s Sweetheart (solo w/piano)

Carnival of Venice (quartet)

To A Wild Rose (quartet)

Le Lac des Cygnes (quartet)

Napoli (solo w/2 cornets & piano)

Cornet Arrangements

The Branson Trumpet Ensemble Library for Trumpet Duets (7/9/14)

In our continuing project to list the Branson Trumpet Ensemble library, we will now post all of our trumpet duet arrangements at this time (7-9-14)

Trumpet Duet arrangements from trumpetensemblemusic.com


6 More Jazz Duets

We Two Together

Five Popular Standards

Rudolph Gets Funky

Snowy Day In Branson

6 Jazz Duets

A Taste of Honey (solo,duet,trio)

The Wedding March (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

Jingle Bells (solo,duet) w/MP3 accompaniment

Dueling Saints

The Ultimate Duet Collection of TV Theme Songs- Part 2

Star Trek

The Ultimate Duet Collection of TV Theme Songs- Part 1

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

10 Easy Beatles Duets

Silver Bells

Dixieland Rocks II

Scruffy’s Revenge

Theater Cat & Memory from Cats (solo,duet,trio)

The Phantom of the Opera & The Music of the Night (solo,duet,trio)

Royal Wedding Duet

Duet Dixie 6

1950 Rocks- Three Trumpet Duets

Dixieland Rocks- Three trumpet Duets


Because He Lives (solo/duet/trio) w/ piano

Dixieland Christmas #2

Trumpet Duet Christmas Bundle

Fairest Lord Jesus (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

Abide With Me (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

Swing Low (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

Ash Grove (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

It Is Well With My Soul (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

Victory In Jesus (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ Track

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (solo,duet,trio) w/ Piano-Organ Track

In Christ Alone (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ Track

The Holy City (solo,duet,trio) w/ Piano Track

Panis Angelicus (solo,duet,trio) w/Piano

Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (solo,duet,trio,quartet)w/ Organ

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Descants w/Organ

In The Garden (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

The Old Rugged Cross (solo,duet,trio) w/Organ

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (solo,duet,trio) w/ Organ

Christmas Suite #2

Christmas Suite #1

Onward Christian Soldiers w/Organ

10 Easy Hymn Duets w/ Organ

O Come All Ye Faithful

Dixieland Christmas

5 Easy Christmas Duets

5 Advanced Christmas Duets

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Bugle Call Duets

5 Patriotic Duets

Battle Hymn of the Republic (solo/duet/trio)w/Piano- Organ Tracks

You’re A Grand Old Flag

The Stars and Stripes Forever

The Star Spangled Banner

Memorial Day Duets

Rule Britannia

Taps Variations


Strike Up The Band

Three Sousa Marches


Minuet in G

Sound the Trumpet From Come Ye Sons Art

Duet #6

6 Advanced Duets

Arban Characteristic Study #9

Interval Study

Rhythmic Study

Baroque Game Pieces

Three Easy Mozart Duets

Duetto IV (duet w/Piano)

11 Giant Steps for Mankind

Suite #1-3 Movements

Duo No. 1

Trumpet Overture from “Indian Queen”

Duetto #1 w/Organ

Concert Duets

Sonata #2 (duet w/Bass)

Sonata #1 (duet w/Bass)

Characteristic Study #1

Clarke’s Eight Technical Studies for Trumpet

Three Contrasting Trumpet Duets

Trumpet Overture w/Organ

Trumpet Duet Collection (12)

5 Concert Duets

Abbots Leigh w/Organ

Voluntary In D /wOrgan

Voluntary In C /wOrgan

20 Easy Trumpet Duets #2

20 Easy Trumpet Duets

10 Airs For Viols


Just A Taste of Tijuana (duet or trio)

Tres Amigos Menos Uno

PDF file of duet arrangements as of 7/9/14-
Duet Arrangements