Trumpet Mouthpiece Placement

“Where should I place my mouthpiece when I play my trumpet/cornet?” The placement of your mouthpiece can be affected in many ways. If you have scare tissue as I do, (a friend through a brick and hit me square on the chops) you will notice that the affected area does not vibrate as other tissues does. If your dental facial structure is less than ideal, (front teeth protrude or are highly irregular) you may encounter more comfortable or less comfortable areas to place the mouthpiece. The position of your jaw will also affect your mouthpiece placement. If the world was perfect…

Tine Thing Helseth (TEE-nə-ting-HEL-sət)

When listing the talented trumpet players of today, no list would be complete without the name Tine Thing Helseth. Her entrance to the musical stage was quiet and as tasteful as her playing. Not only is she an exceptionally talented young lady which you will hear in this video, but on a scale from p to ff, she is definitely a fortissimo in the range of beauty. Reprinted from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Tine Thing Helseth (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈtiːnə tɪŋ hɛlsət], English pronunciation: /ˈtiːnə tɪŋ ˈhɛlsət/, TEE-nə-ting-HEL-sət; born August 18, 1987 in Oslo) is a Norwegian trumpet soloist specializing…

We Miss You Don

This video was recommended to me recently and I had to share it for Don Ellis was one of the most innovative musicians of his time and sadly died much to soon in his life. Read more about Don…. Here

Advancements in Trumpet Water Keys

From time to time we run across new innovations for trumpet that actually work. Let me know what you think of this newer approach to trumpet water keys. One of life’s little problems, the sticky Amado Water Key, is now a thing of the past! The Pollard Water Key is the solution. Not only does it work great every time, it looks great mounted on your horn! The Pollard Water Key  For more information on trumpet water keys, check this out….. Water Key Developments For Trumpet