Les Trompettes de Lyon

In an effort to feature the best trumpet playing in the world, please put your hands together for Les Trompettes de Lyon!

Les Trompettes de Lyon is not just your average brass group…but more a stage show that is unabashedly entertaining and humorous. These musicians have progressively let their taste for quirky fun run loose on stage raising the question “are these trumpeters who were taught to act or are they actors who have picked up the trumpet?”

The “Trompettes de Lyon” instrumental ensemble was born in 1989 from the meeting of five musicians trained in the academies of music and universities of Lyon. Today, the very same musicians still compose that quite unique music group, whose main originality resides in the wide range of instruments they play: depending on which sonorities they wish to get, they can run the gamut from the piccolo to the bass trumpet.

The Ensemble de Trompettes de Lyon uses an assortment of instruments, about ten instruments of all shapes and sizes (piccolo trumpet, D trumpet, B flat trumpet, C trumpet, cornet, bugle, tenor bugle, B flat bass trumpet and C bass trumpet.) It is stunning the way each ensemble member play several instruments, each with polish and skill. They now create shows with the complicity of the art director François Rollin, which are real wandering between music and theatre.