A Former Student of Ours- James Linahon

Sometimes a teacher is lucky enough to have known students who eventually excel in music and this fine gentleman is certainly a fine example of one of our success stories. Although Jim never studied trumpet with me, I was fortunate enough to have had him in my classes and was able to see this young, gifted man develop into a leading musician not only in performance, but also in composition as well as the recording industry. I have included just a few of his accomplishments since leaving our University. Education ________________________________________ • North Texas State University, Masters Music, Denton, Texas,…

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15 Reasons Why the Trumpet is The Most Difficult Instrument to play

Some may question the validity of this statement but those that do most often are wrong. I will list my reasons and give a light hearted account of why this is the case. 1. Trumpets most often play the melody so everyone knows if we play the wrong notes. Unlike the Bassoon, which plays notes that only Canada geese can hear, the trumpet is expected to play every note the way it was intended. 2. Trumpets are loud. When was the last time a conductor requested that a triangle player play louder? 3. Trumpets are pointed directly towards the listener.…

Buying A New/Used Trumpet Is Like Buying A New/Used Car

You may think this is a strange comparison but the selection of each is very similar as I will try to illustrate. Guidelines when purchasing a new car • Should I buy a new car or a used one? • Do I need a new car? • What do I want to do with my new car? • How much money should I spend? • Where can I get the best deal? • Which manufacture should I look at? • Which model should I try? • What options should I consider? • Should I trade in my old model or…

What is Really Happening in Your Body When You Play Trumpet?

The arguments go back and forth as to what happens in our body as we play trumpet. Some say the tongue arches to increase air velocity in the upper register while others say it is the lips which produce the faster vibrations and still others say that it is the increased velocity of the air stream but give no reason for the increase in speed. This is a very helpful film which shows us exactly what is going on in our mouth, throat and lips. Watch this and determine what needs to be done to play throughout the entire range…

The Flight of the Bumble Bee

  Here’s another recording of one of our charts sent to us from our good friend gospeljohn001 He writes; A great arrangement by Chidester You can purchase his work here: http://www.trumpetensemblemusic.com/flight-of-the-bumblebee/

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You Raise Me Up – Trumpet Ensemble

  From time to time we have readers send in recordings of our music and this young man was kind enough to take the time to prepare our arrangement of “You Raised Me Up”. We would like to thank Javed for his recording and it looks as if we have a very talented and industrious young trumpet player out there. From Javed; Arranged by Branson Trumpet Ensemble – Chidester Played & Recorded by Javed Hassan This is me messing with my webcam and trying to get 4 vids at once. not good quality, I know, But the music was ok…

Join HI-YR-BY-A-THIRD today! Lesson 4

From comments being sent in, most players have seen an improvement in their range. In fact most have been able to reach or surpass the goal of one third. To those who have stuck with the program, congratulations and because of the success, you are all on your own now. But please don’t forget how you got here and what needs to be done to continue with your improvement. The Claude Gordon Method has been a great workbook for Daily Practice and I would like to review what makes this method helpful to anyone who begins, follows and continues with…

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Long Tones- 10 Reason To Do Them

We all understand what long tones are. They’re long tones! But did you ever wonder why they are recommended and what benefits we can gain from this tedious practice? 10 benefits of long tones- 1. Long tones help develop strength- by sustaining a note for an extended period of time, the muscles in the embouchure are forced to sustain their current position and thus improve the strength of those muscles. 2. Long tones give you the opportunity to listen to your sound- by listening to your sound; there is a natural tendency to improve on what you are listening to.…

Thanks Jay

The name Jay Daversa is not a well known name to the younger players but to the professional trumpet circle, he is very well known and respected; not only as a player but also a gifted arranger and composer. To the working musicians in Branson, the name Jay refers to one of our own and knowing and visiting with him is always a pleasure. His playing is always at the top of professionalism but few have much background in his musical life which extends from his teen age years to the present. To give you a small taste of where…