Historically (Hysterically) Important Advice for Cornet/Trumpet Players- Part #2

This is part #2 from the advice given in the duet collection Celebrated Practice Duets by Arthur Amsden. Don’t fail to pour water through your cornet before beginning the day’s work; never mind WHY, just DO IT and note the benefit of this simple advice. allow yourself to acquire a tremolo in your tone; nothing can be more objectionable than a cheap, shivery, trembling tone “a goat-stop” tone is a performers worst asset. hold your instrument too high or too low, and by all means don’t hold it sideways, that’s an unmistakable sign that you’re a novice. beat time with…

Historically (Hysterically) Important Advice for Cornet/Trumpet Players

On February 1, 1918 a wonderful collection of duets was published by Arthur Amsden which was titled “Celebrated Practice Duets”. We are indebted to the composer for sharing his compositions with us and if you are in need of a very large (70) collection of excellent duets of varying difficulty, I strongly recommend you purchase this collection. A friend introduced me to this book and each week we play through it to keep both our chops up as well as our reading skills (thanks Doyle). This past week I shared my copy with another new trumpet friend (thanks Steve) and…

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Continuing Discussion on “Why do the bands still tune to the tuba”?

More on our continuing discussion on “Why do the bands still tune to the tuba”? Sound as if only one person has an opinion on how a band should be tuned. Or maybe he/she is the only one with the courage to voice his/her view? Again, my comments are in bold type and the comments are in regular type. “Oh yes, a couple more things”… “The tuba is the foundation of most chords in band music”, The tuba has usually the lowest note of the band but when trying to get a chord in tune, my focus first goes to…

Recent comments on the topic “Why Do Bands Still Tune To The Tuba”?

More on our continuing discussion on “Why do the bands still tune to the tuba”? My friend has returned to voice his/her opinion on this topic and I applaud him/her. Seldom have I seen so much passion for a cause as this person exhibits. It is refreshing to exchange ideas in a civil manner and I do hope others will join in on this topic as my new friend has. And now to the continuance of our discussion on our topic- “Why do the bands still tune to the tuba”? Our visitor’s comments are in normal type and my response…

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