American Pride Part 3

This is part of my continuing series of posts related to what I have called “American Pride”. Each post reflects something in music which denotes the pride we feel for our country. This is a very good example of two characteristics Americans are known for- ingenuity and creativity. Where else in the world can someone combine in a creative manner an accordion player, a sniper crew and kids with an environmental setting? Let’s hear it for the Red, White and Blue for we are now on our way back to what we are supposed to be.

Brush After Every Practice

The phrase “be sure to brush after every meal” should be applied to trumpet playing. There are three reasons why this is important to all of us playing brass instruments. Reason #1- It’s healthier. The amount of food, crud and moisture that builds up in our instruments in a short amount of time is impressive. Bacteria begin to develop to a point that germs can be contracted through our many hours of blowing into the instrument. Brushing our teeth after a practice session will help eliminate the possibility of these foreign bodies getting into your system. The exposed brass inside…