Using Technology to Improve Your Trumpet Playing- Using an Audio Recorder

The use of an audio recorder may seem common place for most for we all have been or have recorded ourselves at one or more times in our lives. Usually we are not happy with the playbacks but that’s life and even what we dislike can be helpful to our development. A straight record and playback is normal but what I would like to suggest are a few tricks which will enhance your playing ability far beyond the simple, record/ play back level. Your recording can be done with various pieces of equipment. I’m sure many of you would not…

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Using Technology to Improve Your Trumpet Playing- Using a Metronome

A Metronome is defined as “an instrument of the devil which speed up in difficult passages and slows down in easy passages”. To prove my point, try playing the last page of W. Brandt Concertpiece # 1 with a metronome and you will realize how much a metronome can increase in tempo. And on the other hand, play Lil Darlin’ by Neil Hefty and observes that after only eight measures, the same time keeper has slowed down. Interesting phenomenon isn’t it? Keeping a steady tempo has always been a challenge to musicians and solving this problem requires patience and regular…

Using Technology to Improve Your Trumpet Playing- Using a Tuner

Everyone knows how to use a tuner- “play a note and watch the dial”. There are more efficient ways to check your pitch and I will try to list a couple which I have found helpful through the years (decades). Download free work sheet here- Exercises for Tuning Your Instrument In order to play your tuning note accurately, you first need a reference point and this is what I will first address. How to center your tuning note more accurately. Before you start, you need to know why we use the third space C as the standard tuning note. The…

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Using Technology to Improve Your Trumpet Playing- Video Recording

Some might ask why video recording is important when preparing a performance and to that I say “Your audience not only has to hear you play but also see you perform”. The video recorder can be a great tool when preparing your recital or any other solo performance for after reviewing your video recording, you will be amazed at how much you really don’t know about your up coming performance. A video recorder will show you how you enter the stage, how you present yourself to the audience as well as let you know what visual bad habits you are…