Bella Tromba

This is the second in a series of “My Favorite Trumpet Groups”. The following material has be taken from their web site and explains a little about their history and accomplishments. To understand the complete story on this ensemble, go to Bella Tromba for more information. Formed in 2004 at the Royal Academy of Music, Bella Tromba is an established chamber group performing extensively in the UK and abroad. Cheltenham Music Festival, South Bank’s Purcell Room and BBC Radio 3 have all featured the group. Bella Tromba have given recitals and presented conservatoire level master classes in Europe. In 2010…


We will not be able to post for a couple days for this morning around 3:30 am. the house next to ours was leveled by fire and we will need a few days to get our home repaired from the experience. After two years of regular posting, this will be our first down time. We will be back at it in a couple days. Keep well and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Bruce Chidester Branson Trumpet Ensemble